SketchUp 2019

The new SketchUp 2019 is now available. Here you can read what's new.

SU2019 Ext 01a

Nieuw in SketchUp 2019?


  • New licensing forms from SketchUp
    • The current version is now called SketchUp Pro Classic and can be activated for a maximum of 2 times for 1 user with a serial number and authorization code.
    • SketchUp Pro Subscription: this version is functionally the same as the classic works based on an annual subscription. For this we can create a Trimble account for you with which you can log in on any computer and work with SketchUp.
    • sefaira logoSketchUp Studio Subscription: this version works the same as the SketchUp Pro Subscription and has additional functionality such as Sefaira.
  • Welcome screen
    • With the Files Tab you get direct access to your current projects.
    • With the Learn Tab you can jump directly to SketchUp's Learning Management, SketchUp Forum and the SketchUp YouTube channel
    • You have direct access to your license data from the Licensing Tab

welcome sketchup2019b

  • Functional
    • The Tape Measure Tool now also provides information about lengths of lines, surfaces of surfaces and coordinates of points, (imaginary) intersections and guides.
    • It is now possible to indicate imaginary boundaries with the help of various line types
    • The DWG / DXF import has now also been made suitable for importing 2018 files

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  • During editing, linked files are put on Read-Only where necessary
  • The new dotted lines from SketchUp can be adjusted directly in LayOut
  • At DWG-Import the units are easily adaptable
  • With DWG / DXF-Export a SketchUp Export button has been added to make the file suitable for import into SketchUp

SU2019 Section 01 14k aangepast

layout screenLayOut


SketchUp Pro classic € 636,00 excl.
SketchUp Pro subscription € 274,00 excl.
SketchUp Studio subscription € 1.095,00 excl.


SketchUp Pro 2019.3
SketchUp viewer 2019
SketchUp Pro 2018