SketchUp for Desktop

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SketchUp for Desktop 2024

The newest version of SketchUp for Desktop is available! This update now makes working with SketchUp for Desktop and LayOut even faster and more efficient.



What's new in SketchUp? We have listed the most important updates for you.








  • New graphics engine in SketchUp for Desktop

This engine uses new hardware and software technologies and allows for faster and smoother work within SketchUp. This improvement is clearly noticeable when working and navigating in a SketchUp model. In the "Preferences" (Windows) / "Settings" (Mac) menu under the "Graphics" tab, the setting of the new "Graphics engine" can be found. If necessary, the "old" graphics engine from previous versions can also be reset.

2024 001 preferences1
The "GPU selection" can also be set in the same menu. By default, the system default will be selected. Should it be necessary to select the hardware based video card, it can be done in this menu.

  • Add Location

The new and improved Add Location makes geolocating your model and importing detailed terrain data easier and more predictable.

2024 002 Add Location

  • Ground Mesh

(Part of Scan Essentials, only available for SketchUp Studio subscriptions)

The new tool "Create Ground Mesh" automatically detects the terrain in the pointcloud and automatically and accurately creates a ground plane from it at a chosen resolution. Then users can turn a horizontal Ground Mesh into a SketchUp solid group with the "Make Solid" option.

  • Ambient Occlusion

(Available in SketchUp for Desktop and SketchUp for iPad)

This is a new style setting that gives more realism and depth to the SketchUp model.

  • Trimble Connect and Link Sharing

SketchUp now includes full Trimble Connect integration. This allows you to easily open and save files directly to Trimble Connect. In addition, SketchUp for Desktop now has the ability to share your model with others online via Link Sharing.

  • IFC import and export improvement

Het importeren van IFC-bestanden in SketchUp is nu sneller. Daarnaast zijn er meerdere updates aan de IFC-4 export gedaan. Zo wordt de SketchUp data nu nauwkeuriger gemapt naar IFC klasse attributen. De nieuwe vlakvulling is beschikbaar voor het creëren van geoptimaliseerde geometrie en lichtgewicht IFC bestanden. Verder kunnnen gebruikers nu consistent data exporteren van Advanced Attributes en Dynamic Components. Importeren bestanden met speciale tekens en importeer met behoud van de oorsprong van de tekening.

  • Support for new 3D file formats: USDZ and gITF file

(Available for SketchUp for Desktop)

The latest SketchUp for Desktop version offers the ability to import and export USDZ and gITF file formats important for AR/VR visualization and 3D interactive digital experiences.

LayOut 2024

  • Draft Mode

Performance in LayOut has improved dramatically with a new set of options added to Lay-Out. In the "Edit" -> "Preferences" -> "Performance" menu, the "Enable Draft mode" option can be turned on. This helps improve graphics performance allowing you to work faster in Lay-Out. This is especially noticeable with larger and more complex files.

2024 001 preferences LayOut1

  • New experimental graphics engine (SketchUp Labs)

In addition to SketchUp, a new experimental graphics engine has been added for LayOut and improves performance in terms of file navigation and responsiveness. This graphics engine was developed by SketchUp Labs*. The experimental graphics engine is disabled by default. The user can enable it in the "Edit" -> "Preferences" -> "Performance" menu. This graphics engine is available for all subscriptions of SketchUp Pro and SketchUp Studio for testing.

*) More info about SketchUp Labs: 

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