Enscape is an easy-to-use real-time rendering & Virtual Reality extension for SketchUp Pro. It offers the user a fast way of 3D visualization and results. Rendering and visualization has never been so easy.

With Enscape you can share your 3D model and render with

  • Photorealistic rendering; with enscape you can fly over your model in real time or walk through your model, determine your position and render it within a few seconds in HD / 4K quality
  • Photorealistic animation; In addition to fixed positions, you can determine camara points in the model and render and export them as an aim
  • Virtual Reality; view 3D models directly from SketchUp on the VR headsets and see changes in real-time with it (not available on smartphones)
  • Web window (by means of QR-code and can also be opened on every smartphone and tablet)
  • StandAlone executable file (executable); share this file with your customer, they do not need to be in the possession of SketchUp or Enscape and can use d.m.v. Walk this file through your model in real time
  • Cardboard panorama; explore the model as a panorama on smartphone, tablet or web. This also works with the Google Cardboard, GearVR or other mobile VR set without the need for a special app.


Which VR sets are supported

  • Currently the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and Windows Mixed Reality are supported by live Virtual Reality. In addition, all smartphone VR glasses (such as Google Cardboard) are also supported for mobile use..


Enscape single user €514,80 excl.
Enscape floating license €922,80 excl.
Enscape EDU €134,00 excl.


Enscape v3.5 (Win)
Enscape v2.1 (Mac)