Xuver has developed a web based 3D Viewer based on the latest web technology that provides you to experience any environment in a dynamic and interactive way. We make it possible to walk through an online environment as an avatar in the web browser and experience any space. Multiple visitors can talk to each other through our speech module, discuss the design and the environment online, identify and design objects and assets.

We can create 3D models or convert your 3D database from all current drawing programs to 3D content that can be accessed directly via a web browser from multiple physical locations. Possibilities for IFC data links make our viewer a perfect visual supplement to your management system.


Xuver's 3D web viewer is also available for Iphone, Ipad and Android mobile devices. Xuver makes it possible to experience the virtual environment dynamically and in virtual reality with one click. Simply convert 3D files to your mobile device.

Models from SketchUp Pro and IFC files form Adomi are supported.


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